When fishermen sail on the Lake Kivu they are afraid of bumping into bandits who rob and brutalize them According to their local association at least 4 of them were killed by bandits on the Lake Kivu last year

As the sun sets here on the fishery of Kituku near Goma a city located in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo Junior and his colleagues are bustling about The fishermen are preparing their equipment for work To ensure a fruitful fishing they have to go as far as possible from the coast Its there that the biggest fish hide However that is also where a risk lies armed men hide far from the coast and attack fishermen

Junior was assaulted a few weeks ago I was here by night when armed men came in a motorized dugout They took from me all my work equipment my catch They injured his right eye and beat me I want them to be identified

Growing insecurity
In order to arrest the bandits causing insecurity Sebumba Manegabe the Kituku delegate of the fishermen wishes for the night patrols of the Congolese maritime forces to be more massively deployed

The Congolese maritime forces are reassuring Off the record they only talk about a dispute between fishermen Officially routine patrols continue with no incident

According to the local association of fishermen at least 4 of them were killed by bandits on the Lake Kivu last year

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